The Childcare Council’s Mission is to make the future bright for children and to provide rich and nurturing child development experiences for our young children. We recognize that children are our future, and that children have the capacity to succeed and reach their maximum potential if provided rich and nurturing experiences.

In order to fulfill the Mission, the Child Care Council goals are:

  • To become proficient in the operation of high quality affordable early care and educational programs, meeting the needs of children and their families.
  • To create a bridge between home and the center through a strong partnership that recognizes the parent as the child’s first teacher and provide support needed to nurture and help children thrive.
  • To become an invaluable resource for families seeking support services to undergird economic stability as well resiliency in times of crisis.
  • To seek collaborative partnerships with public and private organizations in order to create value for all entities through effective collaboration and integration of shared resources.


Founded in October 1969, the Child Care Council is a private non-profit 501((c) (3). Although the range and scope of the programs have evolved over the years, the Child Care Council has provided valuable child development services for low to moderate–income families by operating child-development centers, professional development programs for child-development personnel, and after school programs.