Program Vision

The vision of the center is to provide high quality and affordable childcare services; assist families to maintain a strong family unit and economic viability; provide opportunities for staff to increase their professionalism and earn a living wage.

Program Goal

The goal or purpose of the childcare program is the development of happy, well-rounded children who are given opportunities to develop respect of self in a nurturing environment. A support system to ensure attainment of this goal is provided through staff who are warm and responsive to the needs of children. In addition, educators involve the children in the learning process. Thus, the program

  • Offers an environment essential to children’s development and exploration
  • Fosters language proficiency and effective communication skills
  • Collaborates with families to support children’s development between home and the program
  • Prepares children with skills for school readiness and lifelong learning


Child Care Council’s philosophy for the child care program is centered on the belief that children learn by doing. Inherent in this philosophy is a responsibility to provide an environment with developmentally appropriate activities and materials to enhance the physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth of children. Additionally, we accept the responsibility to create an atmosphere that encourages creativity and empowers the children to make positive choices.

We also recognize parental involvement as a vital part of our program and encourage active parental participation. We continually strive to strengthen the bond between home and the center in our efforts to provide quality care for children.


Our values include respect for the role of the parent as a first teacher and the culture of all families, honesty and caring in relationships with others, self -control and responsibility modeled in the classroom, services to families and staff interactions.